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Quem Somos
AUTENTOTURISMO, is a travel agency and Tourist Animation, with its own fleet and that combines competence with flexibility. 

The National Register of Travel Agency is NO 4749
with Secure Resp.

The National Register RNAAT civil activities animation Turistica is NO 79/2008
with Personal Accidents insurance and Resp. Civil

For the carriage of passengers was us assigned by IMTT (Institute of mobility of land transport) National and International)
licence No. 200482 

The main tourist activities are Incoming, Outgoing, business trips, airport transfers, tours, excursions, reservations of hotels and restaurants.

The company counts with the headquarters in Vale Côvo - Bombarral  close to Lisbon airport.

Since its foundation, the AUTENTOTURISMO had a rapid growth. The continuing success of the company throughout these years, is proof of the strong structure associated to the competence of our company, that for these reasons has been expanding since 2007 a wide range of diversification of activities - Hire of buses, Tourist Animation and recently Travel Agency.

With several partnerships, we present a wide range of rates of hotels and car rentals in Portugal, as well as the availability of private motorists to lead their own vehicle. With all of these facilities will be possible find very competitive rates and duly adjusted to the needs of our customers.

The AUTENTOTURISMO in its strand of incoming, offers a diversity of services attractive to those who want to visit Portugal: tours of historical and religious character, programs of:

Cultural vacations 
•City Breaks 
•Snow and Ski 
•Religious Circuits 
•Circuits / Tour 
•Thematic Parks 
•Study Visits 
•Travel of finalists 
•Rental Cars Old 
•Booking Hotels and Restaurants 
•Availability of private motorists 
•Official Guide 
•Travel Insurance

The characteristics that distinguish us are the professionalism, variety and quality of services, allowing us to get closer to our customers, always offering the best quality/price service and always available 24/24h the experience, dedication and professionalism of the entire team, culminates with the main objective of AUTENTOTURISMO that is and will always be the satisfaction of our Customers!

Learn about the way EXECUTIVE TO TRAVEL 

Commitment in the search for the best service 
Experienced consultants and able to meet your travel needs;
Answer with agility and quick and humanized care security 
Executive Resolves: Consultant available 24 hours per day for their needs during the trip
Care in Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.

Custom services
According to their need 
Transfer to the arrival and departure 
car vehicles with or without driver 
Bicycle minibuses and coaches 
Guide Service 
Outdoor Activities

National and international products 
Tourist packages 
travel insurance 
Executive Transport 
among others…

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